Liberty Obstacle

This 2 day Liberty Obstacle clinic runs from October 17 to October 18, 2024.

Location: the Amazing Horse Country Ranch, Rocky Mountain House, Alberta.

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Cost: $250.00 plus GST

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Liberty Obstacle Horsemanship - 2 Day Clinic

Create a connection with your horse and take it to the obstacle course.

This clinic is intended as an add-on for those attending the Saddle Fitting Clinic which follows it.

If you are interested in Liberty Horsemanship, please register for the Liberty to Riding clinic.

$250 includes your clinic and a large private pen for your horse for two nights.

Need a room?  Just for this clinic, our cabin rate is $129/night, and our room rates are $69/night.

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liberty riding
liberty obstacles

This engaging clinic involves both groundwork and riding.  And there's no requirement to ride if you want to focus on the groundwork.

Day 1:

  • Developing our leadership in the way horses naturally understand it.
  • Inspiring our horses to follow us with confidence through the obstacle course.
  • Getting our horses in tune with our body, balance, focus and energy.

Day 2:

  • Exploring our connection (riding and/or ground) with a calm and willing horse.
  • Having fun on more complex obstacles, to give our horses a feeling of success and pride.
  • Weather permitting, we'll get out and explore a trail and our outdoor obstacle course.

Horsemanship is about leadership, inspiring followers and understanding horses.  But it's also about FUN for us and our horses.  In this clinic we focus on our horses having a great time while developing confidence and ability.

We've got obstacles, our round pen, and indoor and outdoor riding arena all at our disposal.  We'll work through the basics of liberty and then have some fun!

Bonus Clinic!

This clinic is paired up with a Saddle Fitting Clinic that follows it.  You can book either or both.  For more information on the Saddle Fitting Clinic, click here.

liberty horsemanship
zeus on the bridge

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