Dedicated Horsemanship

This 4 day Dedicated Horsemanship clinic runs from November 28 to December 1, 2024.

Location: the Amazing Horse Country Ranch, Rocky Mountain House, Alberta.

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Cost: $645.00 plus GST

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Dedicated Horsemanship

Dive deep into the rabbit hole of Progressive Relational Horsemanship.

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Dedicated Horsemanship
Dedicated Horsemanship

This is an immersive, one-on-one clinic limited to 3 participants, in which you can work with up to three horses. 

Like the Progressive Horsemanship, in this clinic you can go down any path you like, from colt starting/restarting to advanced athletic work to obstacles to liberty and everything in between.  This clinic is different from the Progressive Horsemanship in that we all work with our horses at the same time, switching out horses to work on different progressions throughout the day.

We start our mornings in the classroom, debrief on the previous day's events and discuss what progressions we're going to follow with our horses.  After that, we head to the arena with our horses and the itinerary is completely up to you.  Scott's role is that of a mentor: to guide discussions, demonstrate exercises and progressions and help out wherever needed.

The Dedicated Horsemanship clinic is very much an exploration of progressive relational horsemanship in a practical sense.  Develop the skills you need to provide your horse with what they need in order for you excel in your partnership.  We work on our leadership and all the facets of it; we develop trust and athleticism in our horses.  We really come together as a team.

Groundwork, liberty, obstacles and various aspects of riding are all game.  All our venue amenities, from arena to trail, are at our disposal.

Clinic Focal Points

  • Developing exceptional leadership as it relates to horses and people
  • Understanding the intricacies of the horse's mind and body and how we can truly connect to those
  • Digging into the specific uniquenesses of our horses and learning to create progressions for each one
  • Becoming skilled in our horsemanship abilities to the extent we'd feel confident in teaching others


There are no prerequisites for this clinic.

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