What's New in 2024

Continuing to expand our ranch facilities to offer you an amazing experience.


Obstacle Course.

Clinic Rates

The clinic rates are partially dependent on the maximum number of participants in clinics.  For example, in the Progressive Horsemanship Clinic we have a maximum of 5.  In the Dedicated Horsemanship Clinic, we have a maximum of 3.  The fewer participants, the more one-on-one time you have.  In the Dedicated Horsemanship Clinic, for example, you work one-on-one with Scott all day.

In 2024 we've recognised the need to increase our clinic cost, which is something we haven't done in years.  This increase is about $12/day.  This isn't much but it sure helps us continue to provide the service and facilities that you make use of at every clinic, and add to and develop our property.

horse obstacle course

Expanded Obstacle Course

Our new property has a huge area, carved out in the forest, that we're dedicating all to obstacle fun!  We call it Chip's Playground.  We'll be constructing new challenges and games for you and your horse, including a suspension bridge, covered bridge and water obstacles. 

Have any obstacle ideas?  Feel free to share.

We'll also be putting more obstacles and games out on our trail network as it expands.  Including some really cool ideas that no one has ever done before :)  That got you thinking?

horse pens

Expanded the Facility

We've recently built some big pens for our guest horses.  These pens accommodate 3-4 horses and designated for our Dedicated Horsemanship Clinics.  They're right next to the barn for your convenience and also have heated water for those below-freezing days. These will also help us for future horse training needs.

And it's a place to put OUR horses during clinics so we don't have to run around 20 acres trying to catch a horse!

horseback trail riding

Growing our Trail Network

Our trail network continues to grow.  In the winter of 2023, we donned snowshoes and put miles and miles in the bush to plan out some new trails.  Then in the spring, we got to work on clearing them up.  You've been on them if you've ridden Ponkey's Ridgeway and Ditch's Ditch.

In 2024 we'll be adding Zeus's Wildie Trail and Belle's Bushy Trail - just to name a couple.  Leona has already cleared new branches off of Bailey's Paint Trail and we can't wait to ride them.



You'll notice changes every time you come to the Amazing Horse Country Ranch.  We've gotten rid of the old texas gate and re-sloped and widened the entry to the property for easier access for trucks and trailers.  We've added real gates, too!

As we continue to 'move in' to our new property, we make changes and additions as we see the need.  We've got plans for walking trails, picnic tables and landscaping around the house and cabin.

indoor riding arena

An Indoor Arena

Our private horse training facility got another boost in 2023 with the addition of an indoor arena.  This allows us to continue to train with our horses when the weather is not optimal.  And in Alberta, that can happen any time of year!  Although training outdoors is always preferable, we now have a place to duck inside when those weather events happen.

More and More Clinics.

More and more Clinic Opportunities

We've got 34 clinics scheduled on the property this year.  With clinics hosted elsewhere, we're likely to have around 40 clinics!  That's crazy, but it keeps us out of trouble!

We've added a new Dedicated Horsemanship Clinic, which was a trial run in 2023.  And it sold out.  We'll be offering twice the number of Dedicated Horsemanship Clinics in 2024.  In those clinics you can bring up to 3 horses and work all day.  

New Clinic Additions.

New Clinic additions

We're going to be hosting clinics as well!  We've got Tralauney Thomas of Equinox Health lined up for saddle fitting clinics, just for starters.

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