What's New in 2022

Streamlining and offering you more!

Success on the obstacle course.

Our clinics are always evolving.  We're also always seeking feedback and listening to your comments.

Exciting changes for 2022!

Due to popular request, we've added a couple colt starting clinics.  We have many folks bring colts to the Trail Obstacle, Progressive and Liberty clinics, and we thought it would be so much fun to dedicate a clinic just for them.  So there ya go!

With our new property, we're able to ride a ton of REAL TRAILS!  That said, we no longer have to haul for hours as trails are accessible from our property.  To avoid any confusion, we've changed the name of the previous Trail 2 Clinic to the Trail Explorer Clinic. The Trail Obstacle clinic remains a pre-requiste.

We will have a dedicated area for our Obstacle Course and hope to add a ton of new natural obstacles as the property is mostly forest.

Scott and the team at Amazing Horse Country

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