What's New in 2020

There are a great number of people that attend multiple clinics at Amazing Horse Country.  That, in itself, lets us know you really enjoy your time here and are taking away quality learning.  Thanks for that. While it's our goal for you to develop as a horseperson, we sure want you to have fun too!

Success on the obstacle course.

In previous years the Trail 1 and Obstacle 1 courses began with similar components, both in the classroom and on the course or in the arena. While this worked great, what we realized was that we were repeating material and exercises for those participants that were already skilled in the basics of our horsemanship style and that the two clinics were nearly identical in content.

To ensure that we spend quality hours with everyone attending our clinics, we've done the following:

  • Introduced a Trail Obstacle Horsemanship clinic.  This course covers everything in the previous Trail 1 and Obstacle 1 clinics.  If you're new to Amazing Horse Country, this is the course you'll likely want to start with.  Of course, the Progressive Horsemanship clinics - which are entirely 1 on 1 - and the Liberty Clinics are a great place to start as well.
  • For those of you that have attended our clinics before - or might be booking a follow up to the Trail Obstacle clinic - we've changed the format of the Trail and Obstacle clinics.  Since the essentials have already been covered, we can really dig into new and relevant pieces.
  • For the new Trail and Obstacle clinics, you'll find the itinerary more fluid, allowing for a greater 1-on-1 experience.  Returning for the same clinic won't mean you'll repeat the same thing - we'll align the content with your goals.

A win-win for everyone!  We think you'll really love the changes we've made and look forward to working with you and your horse in 2020.



Scott and the team at Amazing Horse Country