What's New in 2021

Streamlining and offering you more!

Success on the obstacle course.

Our clinics are always evolving.  We're also always seeking feedback and listening to your comments.

One thing we've heard many times is that the Progressive Horsemanship Clinics could use an extra day.  We agree!  So we've added one.  Many times we really get into things on Day 3 and then...you're gone!  We need an extra day to put pieces together, practice and ensure you leave with a solid understanding so you can go home and practice what you learned with a greater confidence in the style and exercises you worked on.

The Progressive Horsemanship Clinics were also held during the week, which may have been a detriment to those not able to take Tues-Thurs off.  We've now made that more convenient for you by holding these clinics Thursday through Sunday, so that your workweek can be more organized, and days off fall at the end of the week.

2020 was quite the year for the Trail Obstacle Course.  In 2020, we merged the Trail and Obstacle courses, because a large portion of content was identical.  It only made sense.  What we didn't consider is the amount of content that each of those courses had individually.  We tried to cram all that material into 3 days but felt that we were never able to dig into any component deep enough before we had to move on to something else.  Well, the easiest solution to that problem is to add another day, so we did!  

The Trail Obstacle Clinics will now be Thursday through Sunday and allow us to really dig into and complete components.  Again, that allows you to leave with a greater confidence and understanding of all the clinic components.

We've left the Libert to Riding and Obstacle 2 Courses in their current content.
What else?
Well, with the majority of clinics in the Thursday-Sunday range, that opens up some days in the week where we can work on all the other facets of Amazing Horse Country that we struggled with finding time for over with a back-to-back clinic schedule:
  • Webinars: more of them and greater depth of content
  • Podcasts: we'll actually get them done on a regular basis!
  • 1 on 1 training: we'll be able to dedicate a day to private lessons (online or in person)
  • Video Library: Public / free video development was put on the shelf during the summer.  We're going to have fun with this now!
  • Articles: Monthly instead of well...somewhat less than monthly!


All in all, a much more organized and efficient schedule for us, which benefits you too!


Scott and the team at Amazing Horse Country