Scott's philosophy is simple.

The horse only has one job.

It's a job the horse is instinctively great at and can take pride in. That job isn't to be submissive, obedient, nor does it require control. It can be assisted with a soft approach. That job is simply to follow. And thus, the onus is on us to inspire our followers; providing exceptional and positive leadership in a way they naturally understand it.

In Scott's style, training and riding become an enriching and successful experience for both horse and rider; a journey in which we amass skills as trusted leaders and great communicators.

The focus of our program.

Simply stated, Scott's focus is to inspire, educate and assist you in building an incredible relationship with your horse. That starts with knowledge of the horse: how their minds and bodies work. Through our videos, Horsemanship LIVE! Shows, podcasts, articles and online 1-on-1 sessions, we take that knowledge into practical and understandsable exercises.

"Every horse and every person is a unique individual that requires a unique approach to training and learning. The very first thing we need to create with a horse is a relationship based on mutual understandings and acceptance of who each of us are as individuals."

- Scott Phillips



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