Trail Explorer

This 4 day Trail Explorer clinic runs from September 12 to September 15, 2024.

Location: the Amazing Horse Country Ranch, Rocky Mountain House, Alberta.

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Cost: $545.00 plus GST

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Trail Explorer

Trail training with a 1 on 1 focus.

We get out and explore new and technical trails while working on the things you and your horse need to be a confident team.

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on the trail
horseback riding in the forest

Our clinics are about having FUN with your horse, increasing your skill and enhancing your relationship with your horse through the application of solid horsemanship principles.  

Our Trail Explorer clinic is in many ways, like the Progressive Horsemanship Clinic, but on the trail.  With a small group of up to 6 participants, we focus on the individual needs of every horse and rider.  We spend the majority of our time riding out, exploring trails and various obstacle and trail scenarios.

Clinic Focal Points

  • Learning how to camp out with your horse (feed, care, high-lining, etc)
  • Exposing your horse to a various environmental, trail and realistic scenarios 
  • Hill work, various terrain, wide and narrow trails
  • Working with obstacles with a high degree of precision
  • GPS, navigation and exploring


  • To attend this clinic, please ensure you are comfortable walking and trotting on your horse.  If you or your horse have specific issues you'd like to focus on, or you are not comfortable riding your horse, plan to attend a Progressive Horsemanship Clinic first so we can work 1 on 1 to help you out. 
  • This clinic is intended to be Part II to the Trail Obstacle Clinic, which is Part I.  That said:
    • You must have attended a clinic at Amazing Horse Country within the last 2 years.
    • You should be comfortable practicing our style of horsemanship.
    • The horse you bring has preferably been in a clinic with us.
    • We're not able to redo Part I in this clinic.  We pick up where we left off. 

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on the trail
horseback riding in the forest

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