Progressive Horsemanship

This 4 day Progressive Horsemanship clinic runs from August 1 to August 4, 2024.

Location: the Amazing Horse Country Ranch, Rocky Mountain House, Alberta.

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Cost: $545.00 plus GST

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Progressive Horsemanship

Experience a one-on-one training approach that's customized to you and your horse.

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for you and your horse

You know - better than anyone - how unique your horse is.  You're aware that they have individual and special qualities, just like you.  And that they're your partner.

Now imagine tailoring that knowledge into a training plan as distinctive as your connection. Concentrating on your horse's specific needs isn’t just beneficial, it's crucial for progress. Sometimes, though, we don't know what those needs are.  We might only know we're having problems.  Or we keep trying to push our horse through the same ol' steps.  Or we're stuck.  Or we've plateaued.  

So, why not embrace a training approach that’s customized to you and your horse?   That's what Progressive Horsemanship is all about.

First, we'll find your horse's strengths and struggles. These can be very obvious, or very subtle.  This involves identifying leadership issues, physical tensions, potential anxieties, or feelings of confusion and frustration.

Next, we get you working in ways to clear up all those road-bumps.  Together, as a team with your horse.

for you and your horse

The Progressive Horsemanship clinic is a refreshing twist on the standard clinic format. It's like a clinic and lessons mixed together.  On each day, you'll have a 1.5 hour slot where Scott will work with you and your horse individually.  There are 5 slots in each day with a break for lunch.  Outside of your session, you can watch the other participants or practice what you learned with your horse.  While the sessions are individual, we work as a group discussing each horse and exactly what we're doing so that everyone is engaged.

What do we do?  Well, that's sort of up to you!  We have the arena, obstacle course and round pen at our disposal.  We'll start by figuring out where you and your horse are at and what you'd like to work on.  From there we progress.

These clinics are for everyone.  If you're starting a new horse, competing or showing in any event, new to horses, looking to strengthen the connection with your horse, work through issues or simply improve your horsemanship, this is for you.  Interested in working at in-hand or liberty work?  The Progressive Horsemanship series of clinics are very individual and custom tailored to you and your horse as a team.

How is it progressive?  Each clinic is 4 days long.  You can opt to sign up for several events over the season.  We recommend that you register for at least 2 events in order to get the most out of it.  We chat about your goals, ensure you're moving toward them and keep track of your progress.  We also make sure you're leaving with some homework (no groaning!) - things to practice before your next clinic.  


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