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Trail Obstacle Horsemanship 2020

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Rogers Riding Academy
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Millet, Alberta, Canada


Nov 13, 2020


Nov 15, 2020


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Brittany Rogers




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Trail Obstacle Horsemanship

For all horses and riders.

You'll launch into our unique style of horsemanship, learning how horses communicate, think and how their bodies work - eliminating the myths and mysteries. We start off with exercises in the arena designed to build your leadership and communication skills with your horse and make you a solid team.  Then we take those essentials and have fun with the obstacles and on the trail.

In this unique clinic we make use of the following:

  • Groundwork and Liberty - creating a productive leadership relationship with your horse.  Having your horse follow your energy, focus and presentation.
  • Obstacle Course - adding the important element of trust by working through a variety of obstacles and games designed to get you and your horse thinking together as a team.
  • Trail Course - getting out of the arena allows you to explore your relationship with your horse in a realistic environment with trees, hills, bridges and a water crossing.

There is no requirement to ride your your horse in this clinic - it's perfect for groundwork, colt starting, etc. 

Our innovative trail obstacle collection includes a suspension bridge, rain, lightning, thunder, waterfall with a water crossing and much much more.  We work together to develop a trusted relationship between you and your horse, so your horse will want to try anything with you.

If you've been in our clinics before, this is a combination of the Trail 1 and Obstacle 1 courses (which were nearly identical), with some liberty and groundwork that helps build a connection in the riding.  If you haven't had your horse in one of our clinics before, this is the place to start.

Clinic Focal Points

  • Build a trusted leadership connection with your horse
  • Starting a colt or exploring your relationship with a new horse
  • Teaching your horse to follow you under pressure (follow your focus instead of freeze/flee/fight)
  • Learning how horses think and react so we can communicate with them in a way they naturally understand
  • Building courage and pride in both you and your horse as you attempt and succeed at things you might not have realized possible
  • Learning how to consistently create success for your horse and yourself

Rather than having every horse and rider perform the same exercise at the same time, we work with you and your horse individually, focusing on what you and your horse need in the moment. Every rider is guaranteed one-on-one time with Scott.


This clinic is a prerequiste for the Trail Riding and Obstacle Course clinics.

If you fall into one of the following categories, we recommend that you take the Progressive Horsemanship Course prior to the Trail Obstacle Clinic. This way we can work in a 1-on-1 to support your individual requirements:

  • Have never ridden before
  • Have a horse that you're really struggling with
  • Getting back into horses after an extended absence
  • Want to work on confidence building after a mishap
  • Have a new horse that you want to dig into specifics

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