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Spruce View, Alberta, Canada


Sep 17, 2020


Sep 20, 2020

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Scott Phillips




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Trail Riding Clinics

Be confident and safe on the trails.
Join us for a 4 day clinic where we focus on you and your horse as a confident team!

Our clinics are about having FUN with your horse, increasing your skill and enhancing your relationship with your horse through the application of solid horsemanship principles.  Clinics are also limited to 8 people for maximum one-on-one instruction.

Our goal is that you leave from our clinic with the confidence to haul your horse to the mountains for an overnight trip.  Our clinics include short classroom sessions where we learn about how to build a confident trail horse, share our trail riding knowledge and learn about responsible riding and trail practices.

Every horse and rider is different and all have unique skills and needs.  One-on-one, we'll work with you and your horse to determine where you're at and specifically what your team needs to be successful on the trail.

Clinic Focal Points

  • Changing a nervous horse into a confident horse
  • Exposing your horse to a various environmental scenarios 
  • Introducing your horse to something new (or scary)
  • Developing a positive leadership style
  • Connecting with your horse so that he follows your focus and energy
  • Overcoming rider fear and anxiety
  • Developing effortless and balanced riding

Our comprehensive trail obstacle course is entirely outdoors in a natural environment.  Hills, trees, twisty trails and other natural obstacles exist, and we have a multitude of obstacles and challenges to make the course as interesting and fun as possible including bridges (even a suspension bridge and drawbridge), rain, thunder & lightning, gates, atvs and bicycles, scary things that move in the trees and more.

The fundamentals for this course are developed in the Trail Obstacle Horsemanship clinic, which is a prerequisite.  If you and your horse have taken a clinic with us within the past 2 years, that qualifies as a prerequiste too.  We've updated some clinic names for 2020: The Trail Obstacle Horsemanship clinic replaces last year's Trail 1 Clinic.  This clinic replaces last year's Trail 2 Clinic.

To attend this clinic, please ensure you are comfortable walking and trotting on your horse.  If you or your horse have specific issues you'd like to focus on, or you are not comfortable riding your horse, plan to attend a Progressive Horsemanship Clinic first so we can work 1 on 1 to help you out. 

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Head to the mountains with us!

Suspension Bridge

Our trail course features a variety of bridges, rain, lightning, thunder and so much more.

Water Crossing

Hills and water crossings - no problem.

Mountain Riding

Our 20' Suspension Bridge

More about Scott Phillips and Amazing Horse Country.

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