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Liberty to Riding

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Camrose, Alberta, Canada


Feb 16, 2019


Feb 18, 2019

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Brittany Taves




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Liberty to Riding

Embark on a deeper exploration of horsemanship

Develop a connection with your horse that will change your riding forever

Progressive HorsemanshipIn every Amazing Horse Country clinic or lesson, we touch on some basic elements of liberty work.  If you've attended our clinics before, you might have picked up on that.  We work on having your horse follow your focus in the groundwork and riding.  We build a team with you and your horse based on trust and leadership - in the way the horse understands it.

We've had clients in our Progressive Clinics work on liberty exercises and guess what?  They're hooked as soon as they discover how it can change their riding for the better.  Just imagine: asking your horse to perform balanced turns, gait changes and lateral work with a completely engaged horse free of stress and tension.  

The feeling is incredible.  Imagine teaching a horse to work a cow, perform a reining or dressage manoever without ever pulling on a rein or kicking.  Honestly, there are only two things necessary for this to happen:

  1) Your horse views you as a lead horse, and

  2) We learn to use their native lanuage of space and energy.

The liberty clinic focuses on these elements.  We'll work on strengthening your leader-follower agreement with your horse, delve into the horse's mind and anatomy to really learn how he works and work on mastering our communication.

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