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4H Horsemanship Obstacle Course

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Calnash Ag Center (4H)
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Ponoka, Alberta, Canada


Nov 3, 2018


Nov 4, 2018

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Melinda Langner

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Obstacle Course

Truly a unique clinic experience!

Our clinics are about having FUN with your horse, improving all facets of your riding skills and enhancing your relationship with your horse through the application of solid horsemanship principles. Clinics are also limited to 8-10 people for maximum one-on-one instruction.

In all of our clinics we touch on how horses communicate, think and how their bodies work. It's important knowledge to make sure we know how to develop our horses into the athletes they can be. We start off by working through exercises in the arena designed to build your leadership and communication skills with your horse and make you a solid team.

Then, we'll move to our exciting obstacle course. With over 100 obstacles and challenges at our disposal, we make the course as interesting and fun as possible.

Working on obstacles is a proven way to strengthen your horsemanship skills and relationship with your horse regardless of discipline, breed or background. - Scott Phillips

What about me?

Each horse and rider has a different skill set.  Some people have been riding for years; some are new to horses.  Some people are starting a colt.  Some people want to develop their skills with an experienced horse.  Some are kids, some are adults.  We would more than welcome potential riders that have no experience with horses at all.

Rather than having every horse and rider perform the same exercise at the same time, we work with you and your horse individually, focusing on what you and your horse need in the moment. 

Every rider is guaranteed one-on-one time with Scott on the obstacle course, arena or round pen.

Susan and Spud

Who is this clinic for?

In a word: everyone!


If any of the following interests you, you'll have a great time:

  • Developing and strengthening the connection with your horse through a solid foundation of horsemanship.
  • Having fun with like-minded folks and their horses.
  • Improving and practicing your skills on the obstacle course for cowboy challenge and trail class events.
  • Building courage and pride in both you and your horse as you attempt and succeed at things you might not have realized possible.
  • Trying something new, challenging and incredibly rewarding for you and your horse.
  • Attending an event suitable for the whole family - our courses are suitable for everyone.


What are the objectives?

Everyone has different objectives when they come to a clinic.  Some want to learn about horses.  Some want to be better riders.  Some want to work on particular obstacles or riding maneuvers.  Some want to compete and others just want to try something new and fun.  Our clinics truly are for every horse and every rider, and we can guarantee that whatever your objectives are you will:

  1. Learn more about horses - how they think, how they communicate and how their bodies work.  
  2. Learn how to be a great leader of horses and apply the knowledge in (1) above.
  3. Have a ton of fun with our horses!


Learn more about Scott Phillips and Amazing Horse Country



Pool Noodles

Creative Obstacles

Fun games

Fun Games





Challenge Yourself!

Amazing Backcountry Clinic

Scott and his mare, Belle, compete in a Cowboy Challenge


The Question and Answer Section


I have more Questions!

That's great. We have more answers! If you have any questions regarding anything about the clinic, location, facilities or the instructors, please don't hesitate to contact us.  We'll get back to you within 24 hours or less.

This sounds great! How do I let everyone know about it?

That's easy. You can post a link to this page on your Facebook page or email it to people you think might be interested.

How do I Register?

View the clinic information for this event above for the Host contact information.

Clinic Start Times

Courses generally begin at 9AM SHARP.   If traveling a distance, you might consider arriving the night before.  We start off the first day with a classroom portion so you won't need your horse initially.

Is there a prerequisite for attending?

Not at all.  We welcome everyone from experienced riders with experienced horses, to people with colts, to people that have never worked with a horse before.  The only prerequisite is that you're open to learning something new and having a good time doing it.

Is this Family Friendly?

We encourage families to attend.  This is also a great opportunity for a Father/Son or Mother/Daughter getaway weekend!

Is this Western or English?

Both and neither! All disciplines and breeds are welcome.

Is there a standard I am expected to meet at the end?

No. The goal is to learn and to take away a few tools to put in your horsemanship toolbox.  Your standard is one that you set yourself.  You might find that you'll be exploring areas of learning with your horse that you may not have realized existed.  

Is there anything I need to do to prepare or practice beforehand?

Nope.  Put gas in truck, put horse in trailer, and head on up.

I have no plans to compete in a Cowboy Challenge or other Trail Class event.  What value is this to me?

Skills such as reading your horse, developing a soft feel and showing your horse how to relax, balance and use his body effectively apply to all disciplines, all events, and all riding scenarios.  This is about improving and developing your horsemanship.  Not only is the obstacle course a great way to put what you have learned to the test (and have fun!), it's a perfect way to expose minute areas that you and your horse need to develop.  We work on those areas and then revisit the obstacle.

What about the facility?

For facility information, please contact the event host or view their website (information at the top of this page).