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Trail Riding Clinic 2

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Amazing Horse Country Ranch


Spruce View, Alberta, Canada


Aug 24, 2018


Aug 27, 2018

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Scott Phillips





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Be confident and safe on the trails.
Join us for a 3 or 4 day clinic where we focus on you and your horse as a team!


You'll learn to:

  • Take a nervous horse and turn him into a confident proud horse;
  • Introduce your horse to something new;
  • Eliminate 'behavior issues' with a positive leadership style;
  • Connect with your horse so that he follows your focus and feel;
  • Overcome rider fear and anxiety;
  • Develop effortless and balanced riding

Who is this clinic for?

Everyone - all riding styles and disciplines benefit!  You'll have a great time:

  • Developing and strengthening the connection with your horse through a solid foundation of horsemanship.
  • Having fun with like-minded folks and their horses.
  • Building courage and pride in both you and your horse as you attempt and succeed at things you might not have realized possible.
  • Trying something new, challenging and incredibly rewarding for you and your horse.
  • Attending an event suitable for the whole family - our courses are suitable for everyone.


Our clinics are about having FUN with your horse, increasing your skill and enhancing your relationship with your horse through the application of solid horsemanship principles.  Clinics are also limited to 8 people for maximum one-on-one instruction.

Our goal is that you leave from our clinic with the confidence to haul your horse to the mountains for an overnight trip.  Our clinics include short classroom sessions where we learn about how to build a confident trail horse, share our trail riding knowledge and learn about responsible riding and trail practices.

Every horse and rider is different and all have unique skills and needs.  One-on-one, we'll work with you and your horse to determine where you're at and specifically what your team needs to be successful on the trail.



We work through exercises in the arena designed to build your leadership and communication skills with your horse and make you a solid team.  Then, we'll move to our comprehensive trail obstacle course.  It’s outdoors in a natural environment.  Hills, trees, trails and other natural obstacles exist, and we have a multitude of obstacles and challenges to make the course as interesting and fun as possible including bridges, a suspension bridge, drawbridge, rain/thunder/lightning, gates, etc.

*NOTE* We offer two different trail clinics:

Trail Clinic 1: This is for horses/riders that are new or beginner trail riders AND experienced trail riders looking to add some great new tools to their horsemanship toolbox.  If you have not taken a clinic with us before - this is a perfect starting point.  We cover all the horsemanship basics you need to be successful on the trail.  The clinic is a combination of classroom, working on specific obstacles as a group and riding several short trails on the ranch where we work on specific trail obstacles.

Trail Clinic 2: This clinic is for those that have previously attended an Amazing Horse Country Trail or Obstacle clinic.  We'll build on your knowledge and we'll get in to some more advanced horsemanship and trail riding skills.  In these clinics we'll be heading off the ranch to some great trail destinations, including an overnight in the mountains!

These clinics are NOT guided trail rides; they are continution of the clinic on real mountain trails.  They are geared toward those with little/no trail experience.  If you are an experienced trail rider looking to build on your skill set and work through issues with your horse the Trail 1 / Obstacle or Progressive clinics would be much more beneficial.

Our schedule is set up so that the majority of the Trail 1 clinics are before the Trail 2 clinics.  That way you can attend both in one season!  River levels are also lower in the summer/fall.

Just like on the trail, we end each night with a campfire too!

Learn more about Scott Phillips and Amazing Horse Country


Fun on our Trail Course

Suspension Bridge

Our 20' suspension bridge.

Water Crossing

Our trail course includes water crossing and even rain!

Mountain Riding

Riding out - putting it all together!


The Question and Answer Section


I have more Questions!

That's great. We have more answers! If you have any questions regarding anything about the clinic, location, facilities or the instructors, please don't hesitate to contact us.  We'll get back to you within 24 hours or less.

This sounds great! How do I let everyone know about it?

That's easy. You can post a link to this page on your Facebook page or email it to people you think might be interested.

How do I Register?

Simply sign up for an Amazing Horse Country account, then when you're signed in, visit the schedule page and click on 'sign me up!'.  That's it!

Where do we ride?

The introductory Trail 1 clinic is held at our ranch.  We have several trails and a variety of challenges.  Part of the Trail 2 course will be held at local mountain destinations. 

Clinic Start Times

Courses generally begin at 9AM SHARP.  You might consider arriving the night before.  We start off the first day with a classroom portion so you won't need your horse initially.

Is there a prerequisite for attending?

Not at all.  We welcome everyone from experienced riders with experienced horses, to people with colts, to people that have never worked with a horse before.  The only prerequisite is that you're open to learning something new and having a good time doing it.

Is this Family Friendly?

We encourage families to attend.  This is also a great opportunity for a family getaway weekend!

Is this Western or English?

Both and neither! All disciplines and breeds are welcome.

Is there a standard I am expected to meet at the end?

No. The goal is to learn and to take away a few tools to put in your horsemanship toolbox.  Your standard is one that you set yourself.  You might find that you'll be exploring areas of learning with your horse that you may not have realized existed.  

Is there anything I need to do to prepare or practice beforehand?

Nope.  Put gas in truck, put horse in trailer, and head on up.

Uh...I don't have a horse!

Not a problem!  Opportunities may be available to partner up with one of the ranch horses.  If you've never worked with a horse before this is a perfect place to get started.  Training and one-on-one lessons are also available outside these clinics with the individual instructors.

What about the facility?

The Amazing Horse Country Ranch is located 38km west of Innisfail, Alberta on Highway 54.

We'll send maps and driving directions in a registration package email prior to the clinic start date.  You can also find us on Google Maps.  Spruce View is the nearest town and boasts a gas bar, grocery store, ag center, restaurant, motel, pub, post office and liquor store.

If you are staying overnight:

  • Free camping is available.  There are no hookups available.
  • You'll have a 25x35 paddock for your horse free of charge.  Water is available. Bring your own hay and bucket and please clean up after your horse.

You are responsible for your own meals, beverages and snacks.

More information on the Trail 2 Clinic?

Our destination will be based on seasonal riding conditions.  The riding we do will not be above the skill level of the group.  We'll be leaving first thing on Day 3 and returning at the end of Day 4.  We'll share trailer space if necessary.  Please be prepared to camp for one overnight.  Our pot-luck dinner will be in the mountains too!