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All of our clinics are about having FUN with your horse in a supportive, positive atmosphere.  Each clinic has a campfire / pot luck dinner night  - a great way to unwind and forge some friendships!


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Trail Obstacle Horsemanship

You have made a positive and memorable impact on our lives and we appreciate your desire to share your knowledge. We will definitely be back for some more learning and fun! - Patty

Launch into our unique style of horsemanship.  This clinic is perfect for all horses and riders, of all disciplines and all ages and all experience levels from beginner to instructor.  In this unique clinic we work on the obstacle course, trail course and liberty components.  The objective is to build a trusted leadership connection with your horse - that you can take forward into every facet of your riding.  It's also the perfect clinic to start working with a colt or get acquainted with a new horse. 

If you've been in our clinics before, this is a combination of the Trail 1 and Obstacle 1 courses (which were nearly identical), with some liberty and groundwork that helps build a connection you can take to the riding.  If you haven't brought your horse to one of our clinics before, this is the place to start.

This clinic is a prerequiste for the Obstacle and Trail clinics as we take what we've built and progress.

Clinics are 3 days in duration with a maximum of 8 participants.

You can host this clinic, too!

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Progressive Horsemanship

What a great format for learning.  So much one on one training as well as the opportunity to watch and learn from other participants.  Incredible (and sometimes a little emotional) to watch the breakthrough moments for handler and horse. - Shasta

The Progressive Horsemanship clinic is a refreshing twist on the standard clinic format. It's a clinic and lessons mixed together.  On each day, you'll have up to a 1.5 hour dedicated time slot where Scott will work with you and your horse individually.  We'll work on whatever you need to work on, from colt starting to lead changes and everything else.  While the sessions are individual, we work as a group with Scott keeping everyone engaged and learning.  As an added bonus, Scott demonstrates important concepts with his own horses and in short classroom sessions.

Clinics are 3 days in duration with a maximum of 5 participants.

You can host this clinic, too!

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Progressive ONLINE - Webinars and Private Sessions

Learning new riding and training techniques requires practice, and having a coach to help you along the way is so important. We've got the answer: Scott's Progressive Online webinars and private sessions! They are the perfect follow-up after you've attended any Amazing Horse Country clinic and also a great way to tackle any training or riding exercise.

Webinars are a great way to keep engaged, keep learning and progressing with your horsemanship and selfmanship – perfect for those winter months where you might not be riding as much.  Scott will be introducing concepts and new techniques during the sessions with video demonstrations.  The bonus: you can view a recording of the session any time in the future.  

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Obstacle Course

This was the single most helpful and common sense clinic I have ever been to. The instructions and help from Scott were clear and very helpful. He was always available to help and answered any questions I had. - Cathy

Improve all facets of your riding and enhance the relationship with your horse through our unique style of positive horsemanship.  This clinic is perfect for those wanting to solve any horse problems, build a horse that can do anything with you and strengthen your and your horse's confidence.  Build a trusted relationship with colts, new and old horses alike.  Train for competition level obstacle shows or get started in obstacles and discover what all the excitement is about.  Touching on creating balance and lightness, these clinics are truly for everyone wishing to advance in their horsemanship.

Clinics are 3 days in duration with a maximum of 8 people.  The Trail Obstacle Horsemanship Course is a prerequisite (if you've participated in any of our previous clinics, that counts too).  

Note: this clinic replaces last year's Obstacle 2 Clinic.

You can host this clinic, too!

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Trail Riding

Well organized, thoughtfully designed obstacles, practical on trail experience, valuable trail riding information and good discussions. - Gail

Learn a style of horsemanship focused on postively introducing your horse to anything new and challenging.

Working through our trail course including bridges, water crossings, hills, rain and thunder, robotic animation and much more you'll build a horse that will follow your confident focus.  Develop effortless sidepasses, lateral work, gait changes and stops.  Chainsaws, ATV's, hikers and bicycles won't be a problem after this course.

Become proficient and learn all you need to know to have a great camping and riding experience - with your horses.  These clinics include 2 days riding in the mountains.

Clinics are 4 days in duration with a maximum of 8 participants.  The Trail Obstacle Horsemanship Course is a prerequisite (if you've participated in any of our previous clinics, that counts too).

Note: This clinic replaces last year's Trail 2 Clinic.

You can host this clinic, too!

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Liberty to Riding (Liberty Horsemanship)

By being the leader, and demonstrating leadership, I could help my horse overcome his fear. Scott has a way of helping both the rider and horse deal with issues. He explains things in ways that are easy to understand and implement. I learned so much, and made so much progress with my horse in just three days. - Brenda

Immerse yourself in our unique style of horsemanship as we dig deeper into the human-horse connection.  Become a trusted leader as you build a dependable follower in your horse.  The Liberty Clinic is a combination of groundwork and riding: we build it on the ground, then ride it. Through group and one-on-one exercises using the arena, round pen and outdoor areas you'll transform your horse to one that is hooked on your energetic focus, balance and presentation.  Imagine riding your horse through turns, gait changes, stops and lateral maneuvers without even picking up a rein!

Clinics are 3 days in duration with a maximum of 8 participants.  

You can host this clinic, too!

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Scott conducts presentations for various groups including corporate management, horse associations and riding clubs. 

An energetic and experienced facilitator, Scott educates and entertains with his unique style of horsemanship, leadership and selfmanship.

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Private Lessons

Scott is available between clinics for Private Lessons.  Colt starting, beginning to advanced riders, obstacles and trail riding - we can work on anything!

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Group Clinics

Scott has worked with numerous 4H, Pony Club, Riding Clubs, Trail Riding Associations and Cowboy Challenge Associations, both on and off the ranch.  Your group can host a private clinic, or have a private clinic at our ranch.  Just contact us to learn about available dates. 

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