spring contest 2020

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A Clinic with Scott at the AHC Ranch

3 Prizes!

Prize winners:

  • Joan Johanssen Hornett
  • Brenda Woodall
  • Linda Legette

Transform your riding and excel. Our unique style of horsemanship supports everyone from those new with horses to competive riders and coaches - in every discipline.

Learn about Clinics

*If you live too far away to attend an in-person clinic the alternate prize is 2 months of our Level 3 Mentorship

Level 2 Online Mentorship

2 Prizes of two months!

Prize winners:

  • Diane Pederson
  • Brittney Russell

Level 1 Online Mentorship

5 Prizes of two months!

Prize winners:

  • Darlene Descharnais
  • Jessica Roberts
  • Brenda Gardipee
  • Brian Mitchell
  • Amy Hauser

As an Amazing Horse Country member, you can join one of our training plans and excel in your horsemanship.

Plans feature:

  • Join in Webinars
  • 1-on-1 Live Training with Scott
  • Special Access to Podcasts
  • Participate in the AHC Forum
  • Training Video Library
  • AHC Merch
Check out the Plans

$50 Gift Certificate

  • Donna Ehalt
  • Kaylee Bennett
  • Morgan Ernst
  • Carole Shaw
  • Tyra Bennett

$25 Gift Certificate

  • Becky Garidpee
  • Jodie Jackson
  • Sarah Morland
  • Charlene Oakes
  • Beth Thola

$25 Gift Certificate

  • Tracie Robinson
  • Vivian Slugoski
  • Frances Kerik
  • Marjorie Phillips
  • Michele Kutz

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