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August 17 at 7PM Mountain Time


Scary Forest  Scary Rock  Scary Sasquatch.

Like humans, horses spook.  All sentient animals do.  I can sneak up behind my cat and scare him too!  It's normal.  But it can be unnerving when on the back of a horse.  What can we do to ensure that their response is benign?  What can we do, as leaders, to support our horse?  What is OUR job when a horse spooks?  Hint: the answer isn't to stare at the back of their neck and hang on LOL!

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August 24 at 7PM Mountain Time


What's so important about the poll?

The poll is a joint.  So...what's the big deal?  Therapists focus on it.  Trainers and coaches talk about it.  

But there are tons of myths surrounding it.  And there doesn't have to be.  It's bio-mechanical science.  More than that, though, motion about the poll is intrinsically linked to your horse's mind.  Anxiety leads to tension.  A horse cannot be athletic when muscles are held in tension.  What causes tension and anxiety?  Fear, for sure.  The rein is another big one and a dastardly culprit at that.  And guess what joint the rein talks to?  You got it.  The poll.  What can we do with our riding and rein use to support the horse in release and athleticism?  Join us to find out.

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August 31 at 7PM Mountain Time


Trail Riding is about interactions.

We interact with our horses.  We interact with the environment around us.  The environment can do it's own thing and interact with us - or our horse - whether we desire it or not.  

In addition, we generally ride with other people.  Other horses.  Interaction between horses can be fantastic, or it can be a problem.  A horse that wants to keep it's nose under the tail of the horse in front. A horse that needs to be at the head of the heard.  A horse that falls behind...and behind...and behind.

Trail riding is about compromise.  In this special show, we're going to look at how to make a trail ride a great experience for your horse - so that we, in turn, can enjoy it.



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