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April 14 at 7PM Mountain Time


Join us for an informative session with equine bio-mechanics specialist, Jody Schulze McMann

The horse's "topline" is the topic of many a conversation in the equine community.  And like many things in the horse world, it's rife with myths and opinions.

In this show, we'll be presenting some factual information about the anatomy and function of the horse's back and how you can proactively use that knowledge in your horsemanship and riding.

Jody will be fielding your questions too, so get ready!

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April 20 at 7PM Mountain Time


This SPECIAL SHOW is a fundraiser for MERZ-C.  You can participate in the show with a minimum $10 donation.

All proceeds collected go to MERZ-C.

About MERZ-C:

MERZ-C is a group of animal loving folks that bring many animal related super powers which results in a network of support, kindness and love.

We are fundraising to keep in supply emergency funding, feed and supplies to share in times of need. We also wish to share knowledge in keeping our animal friends in top health for a healthy, long life.

Thank you for your support💞💞💞

Learn more about MERZ-C

About the show:

Horses communicate in ways that we're generally not taught, but that we all naturally understand.

If you've spent any time with Amazing Horse Country, whether in a clinic or webinar or private session, you've likely heard Scott talk about the ways in which horses communicate.

In this webinar, we're really going to dig into those.  Define them.  Demonstrate them.  

When we are working with others, be they people, horses, dogs or what have you, it's essential that we can communicate in a way they understand.  Imaging trying to teach a person how to do something intricate - when that person doesn't speak English at all, and you don't know their language.  It would be frustrating to both parties involved.  Many training methods focus on teaching the horse a piece of human communication.

I've found the deepest and most clear way to communicate with a horse doesn't involve teaching them anything at all.  It involves us learning, because they already know how to speak "horse".

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April 21 at 7PM Mountain Time


Ouch ouch ouch.

It's a fact of life.  We get hurt once in a while.  We require surgery once in a while.  And the same applies to our horses.  Being off - or having your horse off - during a recuperative period can be a struggle.  The structure of our lives might be temporarily altered as we tend to injuries and therapeutic exercises.  Injuries can be an emotional blow, too.

But there's a silver lining on every cloud.  Being injured or having an injured horse can be looked upon as a wealth of opportunity.  Sounds crazy, doesn't it?

In this show we'll look at scenarios of both human and horse injury and how we can continue to progess in our horsemanship - and make the experience productive and meaningful.


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