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Obstacle Course
One on One

Individual Training for you and your horse on the Obstacle Course

Amazing Horse Country Obstacle CourseIn these 2 day Obstacle Course Play Days, you'll work one on one with an instructor. New to obstacles? Perfect! Learn the correct approach to training your horse on obstacles that produces a proud and successful horse and rider team. Competing? Perfect! This is a great opportunity to sharpen those skills.

We have over 100 obstacles, challenges, games and puzzles on our course to challenge you and your horse.  Our course is outdoors, using both our arena and a natural environment with hills, trees and trails.  Regardless of discipline, breed or background, obstacles are a great test of our horsemanship skills and a way to strengthen our connection with our horses.

Spots are limited so reserving online is required.  Training slots are throughout the day, first come first serve for the time slot.

Another option is to enroll in one of our many clinics first.  Generally each obstacle can be used in several different ways with varying complexity.  In our clinics we have a strong focus on horsemanship, introduce you to each obstacle, show you what it's designed for and how to ride it.  Our clinics feature one-on-one instruction with one or two instructors always available.



The Question and Answer Section

I have more Questions!

That's great. We have more answers! If you have any questions regarding anything about the play days, location, facilities or the instructors, please don't hesitate to contact us.  We'll get back to you within 24 hours or less.

This sounds great! How do I let everyone know about it?

That's easy. You can post a link to this page on your Facebook page or email it to people you think might be interested.

How do I Register?

Simply sign up for an Amazing Horse Country account, then when you're signed in, visit the schedule page and click on 'sign me up!'.  That's it!

Times & Weather




The course is open from 9AM to 6PM. We'll start with a short group classroom session where we'll chat about what you need to know to be successful on the obstacle course. Then we'll schedule individual sessions throughout the 2 days.

Is there a prerequisite for attending?

Not at all.  Novices to experienced riders are all welcome.

Is this Family Friendly?

We encourage families to attend.  This is also a great opportunity for a Father/Son or Mother/Daughter getaway day!

Is this Western or English?

Both and neither! All disciplines and breeds are welcome.

I have no plans to compete in a Cowboy Challenge or other Trail Class event.  What value is this to me?

Skills such as reading your horse, developing a soft feel and showing your horse how to relax, balance and use his body effectively apply to all disciplines, all events, and all riding scenarios.  This is about improving and developing your horsemanship.  Not only is the obstacle course a great way to put what you have learned to the test (and have fun!), it's a perfect way to expose minute areas that you and your horse need to develop.  We work on those areas and then revisit the obstacle.

What about the facility?

The Amazing Horse Country Ranch is located 38km west of Innisfail, Alberta on Highway 54.

We'll send maps and driving directions out in your registration packages.  A variety of amenities are available in the town of Spruce View.

If you are staying overnight:

  • Free camping is available.  There are no hookups available.
  • You'll have a paddock for your horse free of charge.  Water is available. Bring your own hay and please clean up after your horse.

You are responsible for your own meals, beverages and snacks.