Born: 2004

With us since: 2007

Her name suits her well. A regal, dark bay appendix mare, Belle reflects the beauty of the thoroughbred. Belle is truly a 'do anything' horse. Beginning as a reiner, she has since logged many miles in the mountains both in Canada and the USA. Shes guided, worked cattle, competed in Cowboy Challenge events among others, participated in many clinics and pulled a lot of toboggans! An independent horse, Belle does not lightly choose her pasture-mates and people. A relationship with this horse is interwoven with depth, meaning and spirit.

What Belle teaches us:

  • The key to a mare is through her heart.
  • There are no limitations on what you can accomplish with a horse.
  • Thoroughbreds can move very fast!
  • You can find your soul-mate in a horse.
  • A horse's athletic prowess is a set of building blocks held together with a strong thread of feel and connection.

Ty (Ransons Blast)

Born: 1994

With us since: 2008

Ty is the herd leader. He was a stallion in his previous career. He is hearty in body and spirit; he's like a tank in the mountains! Ty has survived several injuries that generally would have resulted in his demise. I've stuck by Ty through these trials; in turn he has stuck by me during mine. I only need to look in this horses eye to see the depth of the equine soul...our connection. Ty adds stability and peace to the herd.

What Ty teaches us:

  • How to create a peaceful space.
  • The power in equine empathic communication.
  • The leadership quality of earning respect through benevolence.
  • That, as a team, we can conquer the odds.
  • Healing is a symbiotic combination of physical and mental.



The best friend anyone could ever hope to have. 

Watch the video.

This smart looking paint was a gift from a good friend of mine. Spud competed in Cowboy Challenges and guided in the mountains. Spud was the most exceptionally smart, communicative, alert and senstive horse I've ever encountered.  Very protective of his herd, Spud wouldn't hesitate to come get me when he thought something was out of order.

Spud will always have a special place in my heart and the hearts of all the people he touched.

What Spud taught us:

  • Sensitivity and timing.
  • How small changes can produce huge results.
  • How a horse can truly be the greatest and most honest friend we could ever have.
  • How to recognize and address the mental needs of the horse; particularly those that are anxious



Born: 2010

With us since: Birth

Ah, yes...Chip. Belle's foal, affectionately known as 'The Brat', Chip adds a dynamic element of entertaining playfulness to the herd. He's grown into a fine horse and is an absolute pleasure to ride. Chip takes particular pleasure in his ability to manipulate his environment; his curiosity is an incredible asset. Chip has been raised in a supportive an encouraging environment; this is now manifesting itself in his athletic ability. When we talk about pets being the mirror of their owners, well...I've been told Chip is that horse. Enough said!

What Chip teaches us:

  • Fun is an essential requirement in all our equine pursuits; we can enjoy our horses and they can enjoy us.
  • Leadership is a constructive progression emphasizing the positive in developing clear boundaries.
  • The absolute pleasure of raising a horse since birth.
  • Starting a horse with a 'clean chalkboard' is a great experience!

Ponkey (Mighty Te Waspy)

Born: 2006

With us since: 2010

“Ponkey the Palomino” is a rescue horse. Ponk and his buddy were destined for meat when I heard about him – the failed idea of an owner who bought them as a novelty. Ponkey has a couple of seasons of mountain riding under his belt and is a natural at using his body in steep climbs and descents. Ponkey considers the herd mares to be his own, a humorous aspect that is lost on the other herd members.

What Ponkey teaches us:

  • We can't change the past but we can certainly clean the chalkboard and start over.
  • A key to solid, deep and lasting training is the marriage of both mental and physical training attributes.
  • Like people, the ability of a horse to try and learn is affected by many variables, including social dynamics.
  • Training horses can be like peeling an onion – we remove each layer and see a new one underneath.
  • The importance of getting to the core of that onion.

Ditch (Justa Whiskey)

Born: 2006

With us since: 2015

Ditch has an unfortunate history. He had been sent to a 'reputable' trainer, where he was mistreated and starved almost to death. You wouldn't know that now from looking at him – he's in fine a little chubby! It was obvious from the first time we met that Ditch was destined to be my horse. He is a well that we can fill up with leadership and positive life experiences. He is a real sweetheart: kind, respectful and gentle. Ditch tries hard even when he's uncertain. I'm looking forward to some great times with this guy.

What Ditch teaches us:

  • Horses will give people a second chance.
  • Consistently showing a horse the path to success results in a horse that will try anything for you.
  • The incredible connection that can develop between horse and rider when we put the effort into restarting a horse that had a really unfortunte start.



Born: 2005(est)

With us since: 2015

Zeus – the resident wildie – was a stallion captured in early 2015. He had an innate fear of people, horses and any unfamiliar or domestic object. It took him days to work up the nerve to approach a bucket of water. The early videos of Zeus on our YouTube channel clearly show his fear. This is, however, not something I consider a challenge. Instead, Zeus's particularities and profound differences from domestic horses are refreshing and exciting variables in our training regime. He is pure and true in spirit. I consider the privilege of working with Zeus to be an incredible gift.

What Zeus teaches us:

  • The horse ultimately dictates the training timeline; we cannot rush.
  • Success is a product of time, patience and creativity.
  • The true meaning of trust at it's deepest root.
  • The energetic and spiritual power in being able to show a horse a place of peace and experience mutual life changing results.


Born: 2003

With us since: 2014

Bailey is a paint mare that is boarded at Amazing Horse Country. Having logged many mountain miles Bailey had been leased to several different people before finding her home here. Initially Bailey did not betray her previous experiences: she moved very stiffly, was defiant on her left side and fearful on her right. Bailey now moves with freedom and ease, her expectations in riding and groundwork are now those of support, softness and success.

What Bailey teaches us:

  • That the freedom in motion of a horse is inseparable from their mind; the brain commands the body.
  • The right brain / left brain differences in a horse can be markedly profound.
  • Stiffness in a horse can be a product of a their mental state (brace) – without any physical issues.
  • Ponkey has a girlfriend!

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