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Success on the Obstacle Course - Part 1



Apr 1, 2020 at 7PM MST register
Suspension Bridge

SPECIAL DEAL!  Register for all three Success on the Obstacle Course webinars and receive 2 free videos.  Obstacle Construction AND your choice of Following Under Pressure - Part 1 OR Basics of Liberty - Part 1.

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Obstacle Course events are very popular these days.  Obstacles are great at exposing your horse's anxieties and your leadership agreement with your horse.  Sometimes this can be frustrating!

Discover the two reasons a horse will struggle with an obstacle, something scary or something new.  Find out the easy way to help your horse without ever having to pull, kick or use excess pressure.

In this three part series, Scott will show you how obstacles are a fantastic way for building a horse's trust in you, and having them believe in your leadership to an unbelievable extent.

Clinic Focal Points

  • Why a horse struggles with certain obstacles and how to handle it
  • Build trust in your horse so that he or she will try anything at all for you
  • How to excel in any obstacle course or trail class event

Progressive ONLINE: Webinars and Private Sessions


Learning new riding and training techniques requires practice, and having a coach to help you along the way is so important. We've got the answer: Scott's Progressive Online webinars and private sessions!

What a great way to keep engaged, keep learning and progressing with your horsemanship and selfmanship! Perfect for those winter months where you might have a bit more indoor time. Scott introduces concepts and new techniques during the sessions with video demonstrations. The bonus: you can view a recording of the session any time in the future.

Have an idea for a webinar? Just let us know.

You can register for a Webinar in just the same way as you would with any clinic on our website. Simply sign into your account, view the available clinics, and register for the one you want. Particulars for each clinic, such as spots available and start times will be shown on the schedule page.  To book private sessions, just contact us.


The webinars are group sessions, with each one focused on a particular topic. They are a combination of presentation from Scott, demonstration videos and graphics and Q & A sessions. Audience participation is both welcome and encouraged.

Each session will be recorded (video and audio) and will be available to you on the AHC website. These recordings will only be available to the participants of each group. What a valuable way to remember everything we discuss - without having to take notes!

Scheduled webinars are listed on our clinic schedule.

Private Sessions:

A 1 on 1 session - just you and Scott! During each session, we'll visit with you individually to review your progress and establish goals (homework!). We can view videos you've taken of your riding or training during the session so we can see exactly what you've got going on and give you instruction and pointers.  Exactly like we would in areal Progressive Horsemanship clinic!

Although not required, it will help immensely if you can take a short video of what you're working on or what you would like help with.

Each session is recorded (video and audio) and will be available to you in your AHC account. These recordings will only be accessible by you. What a valuable way to remember everything we discuss - without having to take notes!

Each session is $39 and is an hour in duration.  Save 10% and purchase 3 for $105!  To book your session just contact us and we'll set up a time that works for each of us.

Video Conference - Pointers

  • you will need a device: phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer with a microphone and speakers.
  • when you click the link to join the the session for the first time, the software will download and install on your device.  If it's your first time ever, please click the link ahead of time so you can be all ready.  Ensure your mic/speakers are working beforehand as well.
  • make sure you're in a quiet place free of background noise (kids playing, TV, machinery, etc).
  • make sure you're in a well lit room so your camera works well. Note: you don't require a web cam, but it's sure great to see your face when we're having a face to face conversation.
  • please wait your turn to speak - you'll also be able to type messages during the conference too (that the group, or just Scott, can see)
  • bluetooth / wired headsets are inexpensive and great for eliminating background noise for both parties

Shooting Video - Pointers

  • shoot short videos no longer than 2 minutes in duration
  • shoot in bright light and make sure the light source is in front of the subject not behind
  • if you're using a phone, PLEASE rotate it so you shoot alandscape video, not aportrait.  This will allow you to get your subject in the video without it being super tiny
  • having someone film you will ensure the subject remains in the frame (important if you're riding or moving around in groundwork)
  • use a stand or tripod to eliminate shaky, jerky movements
  • do not use digital zoom; stand closer instead