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Horses: A Positive Outlook in our World

"Never let a good crisis go to waste." - Sir Winston Churchill

Hi, I'm Scott Phillips of Amazing Horse Country.


Let's face it. We're living in exceptional times with stress and uncertainty. We're worried about the economy, our jobs, our health and our livelihood. Equine events around the world are being postponed. Riding arenas and public facilities are closed. We're being asked to self-isolate.

Sounds awful, doesn't it?

It certainly doesn't have to be. Despite all that is going on, we have opportunity. We have options. We have activities we can pursue that build connections with our horses and advance our riding. We can continue to enhance our leadership skills as we train with our own horses.

And guess what? Horses don't know about viruses. Our horses are an excellent vehicle for maintaining a positive outlook, comfort and consistency in our lives. Let's chat about it!

This is your invitation to join us on Tuesday, March 31 at 7PM mountain time, for a free webinar. I'll share my thoughts on some concepts we can explore to keep us positive as we stand strong through the coming weeks and emerge into a brighter world and a sunny summer. I'd love to hear your thoughts as well. Let's have some fun!