This 4 day Colt Starting clinic runs from May 18 to May 21, 2023.

Location: the Amazing Horse Country Ranch, Rocky Mountain House, Alberta.

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Cost: $470.00 plus GST

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Colt Starting

Create a relationship with your colt that will form the foundation for their future.

Ensure your young horse has a positive understanding of all the essentials required for a first ride.

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Very early in their lives, colts learn the language of the horse.  Unlike humans, horses are born with a high degree of athleticism and are able to demonstrate that ability within hours of birth.  We may be limited in what we can ask of our horse - athletically - in their first few years of life as their joints develop, but there are so many more important items on the agenda.  If your young horse is ready to ride, we can work on that too!

Everything we do with a horse requires a relationship based on leadership and trust.  Every horse, like every human, is unique.  We discover who your horse is, what their strengths are and where they struggle.  We learn exactly what to help them with and precisely how to support them.  In doing so we eliminate any potential snags before they have the opportunity to develop.

Just like a young human, we can help shape the thoughts of a young horse.  We can develop their enthusiasm, their ability to try and experience success, their desire to be with and follow you.  We can show them alternatives to fear and anxiety so you'll not have to deal with that in the future.  Thus, our eventual transition to riding can be seamless, as our horses will have an understanding of everything they need to know by the time you swing a leg over for the first time.

Clinic Focal Points

  • Developing a solid relationship with your colt that will last a lifetime
  • Showing your colt how to follow your presentation - a fundamental component that transitions directly to riding
  • Discovering who your horse is: what they excel at and where they need help
  • Becoming a trusted, dependable leader for your horse
  • How to use play and games to develop curiosity, try and pride in your colt
  • Common manoeuvers such as lateral exercises (sidepass, turn on the haunches, etc.) and gait changes
  • Complete the steps required for first saddling and first rides



Engage with play with your colt.

Suspension Bridge

Developing try and overcoming fears.

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