[I learned] That the term "go back to the basics" doesnt mean once a week or month or year but every time during your daily ride that you lose your horses total concentration and connection. Also that your horse is not with you if havent got both his eye and and his balanced forward movement with him stepping under his "center". Learning the "physics" part of why you lift not pull back or to the side when asking for flexion at the jaw really cleared something up for me. I dont think in physics but having the physics explained made it so clear. Thankyou Scott.

Teri - November 2017

Really enjoyed my weekend at Amazing Horse Country’s progressive clinic! My goal is to integrate at least one strategy or concept into my horsemanship and I certainly achieved this goal!

Brenda - October 2017

Scott bases the content on your individual needs.

Darlene - October 2017

A comfortable and fun place to visit and train at.

Lisa - October 2017

I tried things at the clinic that I would never have tried otherwise. I am looking forward to learning more, gaining confidence and having fun!

Laura - September 2017

I learned about the subtle small things that make a big difference and affect every other thing you do with your horse.

Monica - September 2017

Scott is very knowledgeable on the content and expressed it very well.

Bernice and Art - September 2017

Really enjoyed the 3 days. I learned a lot about how my horse reacts to new tasks with the obstacles, and how I react to those reactions. I learned to relax and work through issues by breaking the task down when he is in situations that put him out of his comfort zone.

Barbara - September 2017

Excellent. Loved it all! Learning about stress and what causes horses to tense then teaching them how to handle stress by trusting the handler.

Elana - August 2017

[My biggest learing was] releasing pressure for my young mare. Helping her to find calm and trust when she's anxious or excited. Great place and well organized. Scott was a great host and always ready to answer any questions all these dressage riders had.

Carla - August 2017

The concept of space had more meaning for me. I think that is because of [my horse's] behavior and you pointing out just what was going on with him. All of my questions were answered and I left with what I already knew strengthened.

Marjorie - August 2017

[I learned] How to reward a try by working to get one step closer to a difficult obstacle and getting them to relax at that spot.

Charlotte - August 2017

"you don't have to be perfect at step 1 before trying step 2"

Gail - August 2017

The most important thing I learned was How to get my horses attention / connection through the poll / eye contact.

Cheryl - July 2017

Excellent clinic , learned alot about horse behaviour, how to be a leader my horse could trust.

Pam - July 2017

This was the single most helpful and common sense clinic I have ever been to. The instructions and help from Scott were clear and very helpful. He was always available to help and answered any questions I had.

Cathy - July 2017

By being the leader, and demonstrating leadership, I could help my horse overcome his fear. Scott has a way of helping both the rider and horse deal with issues. He explains things in ways that are easy to understand and implement. I learned so much, and made so much progress with my horse in just three days. I will definitely come back to continue my work with this horse, and hopefully to get help starting another.

Brenda - July 2017

I learned to instill confidence in your horse so that he has total trust in you.

Terri - June 2017

The venue and the facilities were great. Loved the corrals for the horses and the ability to camp beside them. I look forward to coming back.

Wendy - June 2017

AHC creates the positive conditions for success and growth for both horse and human, no matter their current abilities. I learned that pressure and release principles for leadership can help my horse seek me out as a safe space. Appreciated the progressive approach (building blocks to success); more stuffed animals (LOL) since my horse really liked them. Group work added an interesting element and was "herd building".

Sandy - June 2017

There isnt one single thing I learned... there are many. Timing/ connect/releases are up at the top of the list. Focus, feel and space are others. Just being with the horse and gaining confidence as a team. Obstacles and trails are awesome to work with.

Marg - June 2017

Thank you Scott, for being patient and understanding. Your knowledge and commitment is outstanding and I look forward to many many more clinics.

Tammy - June 2017

The location is quite nice, and the facility is set up well for the horse. There's also lots of room for your truck and trailer...

Wanda - June 2017

It was a real strength that the clinic was flexible to the group and the individual needs and not a "canned" format. The most important thing was learning the importance of focus and having clear communication. I attended a clinic last year and with a repeat this year I was able to solidify previous information and then build on more learning.

Mandy - June 2017

The clinic is a fluid system with the content evolving with the problems arising and questions of the participants.

Darin - June 2017

How to get my horses eye and ask him to relax and follow me- with this I think we can do anything together. Very nice weekend with Scott and my horse. We got past some fear issues and by using his techniques and asking my horse to relax while moving into pressure we did so much more than I thought we could. Great weekend! We will Be back!

Jennifer - June 2017

I absolutely love your one on one approach. Your style that is very clear on principle and instruction but also relaxed and sensing individual needs in the moment. Really great environment to learn.

Katherine - May 2017

The most valuable thing I learned was how to talk "horse".

Melissa - May 2017

The clinic leader Scott was very knowledgeable about horse behaviour and biomechanics, and how we can influence the horse to learn to be better under saddle and how to handle stressors using groundwork. Then riding becomes easier and I was able to use much softer aids while on the horse. I found this clinic very helpful for my riding. Also focuses on individual needs of each participant. Scott is very positive and encouraging also.

Pauline - May 2017

I learned to try to think like a horse, reward try, and not get obsessed with the end result in your own mind. Just wished I could do it every other weekend for a day!

Astrid - May 2017

I enjoyed the variety of obstacles and feedback of the instructor.

Bev - April 2017

Thanks for all your help, I can't wait to come to the next clinic! It was all amazing. I learned lots from observing all the other people you were helping too. I learned the tools to use to help my horse deal with his fears.

Brenda - April 2017

I learned how to release the tension in my horse. Everything was good. The softness and patience aspect of approaching my horse and working through things...learning how to have my horse respect my space. You should move closer to us!

Donna - April 2017

I learned how I could train my horse to be calm and follow my lead; that I am part of the herd and the leader of that herd. The best part was the 1 on 1 time spent with each individual and realizing that I have the ability to teach myself and my horse. Scott has a real passion for what he does and it comes across very strongly in his classes.

Kathy - February 2017

Things are going great! I had about 10 amazing rides on Cooper at the end of summer. We accomplished our 10 hour Ice Lake mountain ride and Cooper never missed a beat. We tackled many river crossings for the first time and some crazy hills. We also completed the Yaha Tinda Poker Rally ride where there was a runaway mule whizzing past us and surprisingly Cooper was the only one to just stop and stare, he was the calmest.

Katelyn - February 2017

Such a diverse group of fun loving people and horses dedicated to work toward one goal, gaining a better understanding of each other. It wasn't about controlling your equine partner, but working together as a unit. I've found this lacking in many clinics, yet it is the quintessential key to a obtaining a true partnership with your horse.


I learned that I have a lot more work to do in the trust and patience department than my horse does. How he puts up with me I'll never know. I also learned that when I have his mind, he will do his best to please me, what more can you ask for.

The way you have clinic set up is great! There are plenty of things to do without crowding others or getting in others way. I look forward to seeing the new challenges you plan on having for everyone this year.

I will and have recommended your clinics to anyone looking to improve their knowledge of horse handling as well as biomechanics. There are so many horse people out there that should learn more about their equine friends. I myself look forward to your assistance with my horses in the future.

My best memories of the clinic I attended last summer was that it was able to show me how to work through an obstacle in a manner that was comfortable for my horse. Being able to actually do an obstacle course with the tools needed to be able to move whichever part of the horse's body that I needed to in order to manoeuvre through the obstacle was a rewarding feeling as opposed to forcing him through the obstacle just because I know it was safe regardless of how my horse felt about it.


I learned how to begin the journey of becoming a better partner to my horse. I learned how to respectfully respond to my horse when he has become scared of an object, as well as also learned the difference of whether he was actually scared or whether he was just testing me so he didn't have to do an obstacle.

I cannot think of what I would change in future clinics. All clinicians there that day were organized, patient with clients, very knowledgeable in their field, and all knew how to teach/present their knowledge professionally and in a fun manner !!

Best memories of the clinic was having different people with their different horses, skill levels, and ways of doing things coming together and it was just so peaceful and a fun environment to get our horses and ourselves through our tendencies and uncertainties! It was just so much fun and a good chance to tackle those hard things through play.


What I learned about myself and Joe was I was tending to not hold him accountable, I would baby him when he didn't need it (like jumping into the water ahead of him instead of sending him over)which would make him suck back and get muddled. So it was so good to see that in action in an environment where we could work through it with support.