Reserving a spot in our clinics is easy - it's one touch of a button!

First, you'll need an account on this website.  That way we have your contact info for receipts and if we need to get in touch with you.  When you create an account, please use a username and password that you will remember.  You only need to register for an account on this site ONCE.  Let's say that next year you want to register for a clinic and can't remember your username.  DO NOT create another account - contact us and we'll help you out.  It gets messy if we have to keep track of multiple you's!

Once you have an account and you are signed in on the website - simply click 'register' beside the clinic you want to register for.  That's it!  We'll send you an invoice with details and payment dates.  Please do not pay prior to receipt of the invoice.



Most events, including all clinics, require a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit paid within 30 days of registering.  If the deposit is not paid within 30 days, the system will automatically remove your registration so that someone else can fill your spot.

Your balance is due PRIOR to 45 days before the clinic start date.  If you reserve within 45 days, your balance and deposit is due immediately upon receipt of the invoice.  If we do not receive your balance we will attempt to contact you.

If you cancel your reservation OUTSIDE of 45 days before the clinic start date we will refund the BALANCE portion of your payment ONLY.

If you cancel your reservation WITHIN 45 days before the clinic start date we will refund the BALANCE portion of your payment IF we are able to fill your spot. Please note that our time is limited to do such tasks and your odds will be greater if YOU find a replacement.

Any refund will be less the banking fees we incur to process it (i.e. $1.50 for an etransfer).



We accept payments via email money transfer or cheque.  If you are paying by cheque MAKE SURE you allow for delivery time.  Payment details will be on your invoice which we will email you.  Please do not pay before you receive your invoice.

See you soon!